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No SecretsA small group of Senators are working in secret to repeal the Affordable Care Act, decimate Medicaid, and undermine Medicare. The details of the bill are unknown but the conclusions are certain:

  • Over 20 million people will lose health coverage
  • Millions of nursing home patients will lose health coverage
  • Rural hospitals and community health centers will be devastated
  • Millions of people will return to emergency rooms to obtain care
  • Health premiums will increase

Why are just a few Senators working in private to develop a bill that will impact the health of almost all American families?  Why is this “health care” bill a secret? Maybe because the Senators don’t want us to know the bill will harm most families, jeopardize hospitals and jobs, and leave millions without access to care – particularly older people and children.

Don't let the Senate keep their secret!  Contact your Senators and tell them to protect your care.

Ready to do more?

Thank you for helping #ProtectOurCare!

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