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Too High a Price for Medicare!

Rep. Tom Price plans to attack traditional Medicare within the
first six to eight months.

A Price America can’t afford: President-elect Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, Rep. Tom Price, agrees with Speaker Paul Ryan’s dangerous plan to hand over Medicare and health care coverage decisions to the private insurance industry. The plan, known as “Voucher Care,” or “premium support,” would give Medicare beneficiaries a certain amount of money to help purchase health insurance on their own. This will end Medicare as we know it. Older Americans and people with disabilities don’ t just need a little support to pay unregulated private insurance premiums. They need to know that Medicare will continue to guarantee a set of defined benefits that will cover the health care and services they need.

It would be tragic if renewed efforts to privatize Medicare succeed in returning the health of older and disabled people to the profit-driven insurance industry.

With your support, we’ll fight to ensure Medicare survives and continues serving our families – now and in the future. Medicare Saves Lives. Help Save Medicare. Donate Now, below!

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