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Thank You, House of Representatives

March 21, 2010
For Immediate Release                                                              

Contact: Judith Stein
(860) 456-7790


The Center for Medicare Advocacy thanks the members of the House of Representatives who voted today to bring America closer to historic health insurance reform.  They had the courage to protect the interests of the 32 million Americans who lack health insurance and the 45 million Medicare beneficiaries who need added protections rather than the interests of insurance companies.

According to Judith Stein, Executive Director, "The measure passed today provides access to health insurance for millions of Americans, provides subsidies to those with limited incomes and resources, improves access to preventive services, and limits discrimination in the offering of health insurance."

Additionally, says Ms. Stein, "the bill protects the integrity of the Medicare program by reducing overpayments to private Medicare plans and by promoting delivery system reforms to encourage high quality, coordinated health care.  The bill further assists people with limited means by extending eligibility for Medicaid for the under 65 population."

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