(The Center received this story in May, 2017) “I suffer from the motor form of an autoimmune disorder called chronic inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP).  The treatment for this involves bi-monthly six-hour infusions of IVIG (Gammaguard). In April 2010 after approximately two years of infusions, I was informed by my insurance company, Anthem BCBS, that I … Read more

“My name is JC and I live [in Speaker Paul Ryan’s Congressional District] in Wisconsin with my husband and two college-aged children.  I would like to tell you why the Affordable Care Act has been key to my husband’s recent success starting up his own business.  My husband had been employed as Vice President of … Read more

When Emily Back was dying in early 2008, her treating physician prescribed a medication to help relieve her excruciating pain.  After the hospice provider refused to furnish the medication, her husband, in desperation, purchased it from the pharmacy, spending almost $6,000 of their own funds.  Mr. Back thought there must be some way to appeal … Read more