re: “Not all Medicare Cuts Are bad” ( To the Editor: Our organizations agree that conserving Medicare resources to preserve the program for generations to come is an important goal. But we cannot support a budget that impedes access to care — and the President’s budget would do just that. Among the problematic Medicare provisions are … Read more

To the Editor: “Nursing Homes Are Closing Across Rural America, Scattering Residents” (Mar. 4, 2019) describes the closure of Mobridge, South Dakota’s sole nursing home and the transfer of residents to distant communities.  It suggests that low Medicaid payments were the cause of the closure.  Unfortunately, the Times story leaves out an important part of … Read more

Medicare is making important strides to address the needs of those who are chronically ill.  As noted in the article, though, most of the new Medicare benefits aimed towards individuals with chronic conditions will be limited to those who enroll in private Medicare Advantage (MA) plans.  On the one hand, MA enrollees may have access … Read more

Senator Collins Is Right to Oppose the Senate’s Version of Trumpcare By Judith Stein The Senate has released the previously secret details of its healthcare legislation – and they are not good. The Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) of 2017 hurts our nation’s healthcare system as a whole and our most vulnerable citizens in particular. … Read more

It’s no surprise that the election has left many of us worried and disoriented.  But we’ll regroup. We may not understand where we’ve landed, but we’ll acclimate and march forward – with hope. We hope the new administration will realize how today’s families are balancing – often barely – all the responsibilities they face at … Read more

(New York Times) To the Editor: Today’s story, The Hidden Financial Incentives Behind Your Shorter Hospital Stay, describes how hospital stays classified under “Observation Status” are skewing admission and readmission data. As Dr. Jha states in the article, Observation Status is driven by incentives for the hospital.  This is an ever-increasing phenomena in which Medicare … Read more