Coming into my summer fellowship with the Center, I already knew that the Medicare program was complex. After my summer began, however, I soon realized that there are considerably more moving parts to the Medicare program than I had imagined. Over the course of my ten weeks with the Center, I was fortunate enough to … Read more

My time as a summer Health Policy Fellow at the Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc.,(the Center) introduced me to the field of health law and provided me the opportunity to write about health related policies and procedures. The attorneys in the Washington, D.C. office view the internships as an opportunity to train the interns in … Read more

This past summer at the Center for Medicare Advocacy (the Center) taught me much more about the world of health, than just Medicare. I came to the Center with a background in public health but wanted to learn more about Medicare for a more complete view of health for Americans. Despite studying Medicare in the … Read more

Over the last six weeks I had the privilege of working with you all, some briefly and others extensively. I picked up a lot of very important information. One of the most important pieces of information I learned was that even a small group of people can work on a large task and still make … Read more

I came to the Center for Medicare Advocacy already knowing that I wanted to pursue a career in health policy.  I had previous experience in other non-profit health law and policy settings in Boston and thought I knew about how the health care system worked.  I was strikingly wrong.  Nowhere else can you come away … Read more

My interest in health care law propelled me to intern with the Center for Medicare Advocacy. My summer working for the Center was a time of great excitement and challenge. As a legal intern, I spent my time researching and analyzing the various new proposals, regulations, and laws that encompass the vast and detailed worlds … Read more

Interning with the Center for Medicare Advocacy in its Washington, DC office has been an enriching and informative learning experience. The Center provides education, advocacy, and legal assistance for elderly and disabled individuals seeking to obtain Medicare or other health care benefits. Having no extensive background in the substantive area of Medicare, I was afforded … Read more

My understanding of the health care system drastically changed while participating in the daily work of the Center for Medicare Advocacy. I began interning at the Center with minimal background knowledge of Medicare, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the intricate web of players in the health care system. I interned at an … Read more

As I was entering my third year of law school, I wanted to gain more experience with the practice of health law in Washington, D.C. My internship with the Center for Medicare Advocacy added a new dimension to my understanding of health law. The opportunities to work on innovative projects, attend health care briefings, and … Read more

I interned for the Center for Medicare Advocacy in its Washington D.C. office the summer after my second year of law school.  I believe it was the perfect place and time to further explore my interest in health law, especially due to the recent passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The health … Read more

My summer at the Center for Medicare Advocacy gave me great insight into the policy side of healthcare law. Last summer, I worked directly with low-income clients to secure public benefits, including health coverage through Medicare and Medicaid. Having understood the importance of policy on an individual level, my internship at the Center let me … Read more

During my six week tenure at the Center for Medicare Advocacy I had three key obligations: to create a research report which will be used as a reference guide for the Center after my departure, to attend Senate hearings and other group meetings for the Center, and to learn about advocacy, government, and the Medicare … Read more

As a medical student intern at the Center for Medicare Advocacy, I studied health policy issues as they pertained to the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  My responsibilities included investigating the use of prescription drugs under Medicare Part D, analyzing the potential impact of Special Needs Programs for the dual eligible and institutionalized populations, and attending … Read more

I had an amazing experience interning at the Center for Medicare Advocacy.  Working at the Center is a gateway into the major cutting edge health care issues confronting the nation.  The Center advocates on behalf of beneficiaries through litigation, lobbying, and education, and also provides key policy analysis.  They provide a voice for those whose … Read more