1. First Steps      Review the Center for Medicare Advocacy’s Self-help Packets and coverage guidelines regarding the particular level of care involved in the appeal at: https://www.medicareadvocacy.org.   Watch for, receive and review the Medicare Reconsideration decision.  If the decision denies Medicare coverage, you only have 60 days to appeal from the date of … Read more

Here’s the Issue  Expedited Medicare appeals and standard Medicare appeals are designed to address different things and there are situations where a Medicare beneficiary must pursue both types of appeals. Expedited Appeals – Address whether the provider’s termination of Medicare-covered services was proper. Standard Appeals – Address whether any subsequent services the beneficiary chose to … Read more

If you are eligible for Medicare you can chose between getting Medicare benefits through traditional Medicare (also known as original Medicare and traditional Medicare) or a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan.  Making this choice is personal and requires individuals to consider their circumstances, including their health, need for flexibility, budget and tolerance for financial risk.  Before … Read more