For the past few years, a coalition of beneficiary advocates, disease organizations, industry groups,  oral health and medical health professionals has been advocating for medically necessary oral health care to be covered by Medicare, as authorized under current law.  The Coalition recently launched a web-based platform for members of the public to express their support … Read more

As families across the country prepare to gather with loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday, lawmakers in Washington are preparing for the post-election ‘lame duck’ session, which could bring opportunities to protect and strengthen Medicare. This and every Thanksgiving, we are thankful for Medicare. Tell your lawmakers why you are too, and ask them to … Read more

As midterm elections near, young Americans will be in the spotlight. Young Americans have been integral to a number of surprising primary victories across the country. And, for the first time, they will surpass Baby Boomers as the largest generation of Americans eligible to vote.[1] Medicare is often at the forefront of national discourse. However, … Read more

We need your help getting Members of Congress to sign on to letters asking CMS to provide Medicare coverage for medically necessary dental care, as authorized by law. Right now there is an opportunity to encourage your delegation to sign on to these letters. Call (202) 224-3121 to be connected with your Senators and Representative. … Read more

Help Stop the Devastating Tax Bills. Call Congress Now!

When most of the country was asleep this Saturday, the Senate passed its version of a so-called tax “reform” bill. The senate bill undermines the Affordable Care Act and provides massive tax cuts for large corporations and wealthy people. It would explode the federal deficit, setting the stage for an immediate Medicare cut and future … Read more

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Sabotage of ACA Must Stop Action Needed The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released its draft FY 2018- 2022 Strategic Plan. While one of HHS’ stated objectives is to “Improve American’s access to health care and expand choices of care and service options,” we are instead seeing a systematic effort to … Read more

Senate Holds Single Hearing on Bill to Strip Coverage from Millions – Act Now

Graham-Cassidy is Still A Threat Senate Holds Single Hearing on Bill to Strip Health Coverage from Millions Action Still Needed! Today the Senate Finance Committee is holding the only Senate "hearing" on the Graham-Cassidy bill. The bill would, among other things, cause tens of millions of people to become uninsured, eliminate the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid, … Read more

Making permanent the law that provides access to Speech Generating Devices for Medicare beneficiaries The Bill was introduced in the Senate (S.1132) and House (H.R.2465) in May 2017. In the House, H.R. 2465 was referred to the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Ways and Means Committee. On May 19th, the Bill was referred by … Read more

Why is the Senate “Health Care” Bill a Secret?

A small group of Senators are working in secret to repeal the Affordable Care Act, decimate Medicaid, and undermine Medicare. The details of the bill are unknown but the conclusions are certain: Over 20 million people will lose health coverage Millions of nursing home patients will lose health coverage Rural hospitals and community health centers … Read more

It’s Back – You Asked for Better and They Made it Worse! Call Today!

#ProtectOurCare and #RejectRepeal The latest effort to revive the so-called American Health Care Act and repeal the Affordable Care Act is worse than the first.  Americans want quality, affordable health coverage and care for everyone – including older people and people with pre-exisiting conditions. They are committed to the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and Medicare. … Read more