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This past summer at the Center for Medicare Advocacy (the Center) taught me much more about the world of health, than just Medicare. I came to the Center with a background in public health but wanted to learn more about Medicare for a more complete view of health for Americans. Despite studying Medicare in the classroom, I really did not understand how it worked until interning at the Center. What I learned was that Medicare consists of many moving parts that do not always work in unison with one another. Yet, despite its shortcomings, many Americans lives currently depend on, and many more will depend on, Medicare.  This is why groups like the Center play such an important role in promoting patient rights; everyone will be affected.

Another important aspect of working at the Center is learning about political developments and barriers. Each employee at the Center impressed me with their knowledge of politics and how such politics affected their work. As an intern, I was able to attend numerous meetings in the House and Senate buildings, and at other like agencies. These experiences helped me understand different interests and how legislation impacts each group. I truly gained a better perspective of the climate surrounding health law and policy. 

I have no doubt that my summer experience with the Center is one of the most valuable opportunities I could have asked for as a law student. the Center’s staff members are highly qualified and always available to talk. I truly enjoyed my internship this past summer and thank each member of the Center for making it such a rewarding experience. I highly recommend this internship for any person with an interest in health or politics. 

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