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Yesterday, in a significant victory for millions of Americans, Senate leadership cancelled plans for a vote on the latest effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The Graham-Cassidy bill, if passed, would have led to millions of people becoming uninsured, gutted Medicaid, and eroded crucial consumer protections.

The bill faced overwhelming opposition from virtually all segments of the health industry, but it was citizens who made their voices heard, the work of many advocates, and yes, people like Jimmy Kimmel and his love for his son with a pre-existing condition, who made all the difference.  

While we’re breathing a sigh of relief at the death of Graham-Cassidy, we know this Congress will likely try again to dismantle health care, and the Administration will continue to sabotage the ACA.  We thank everyone involved in the Graham-Cassidy battle.  We promise to stay involved, as the ACA, Medicaid and Medicare remain under attack.   

We urge Congress to stop trying to take away health coverage, and focus on improving coverage, including through bipartisan efforts to stabilize the ACA marketplaces, reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Plans (CHIP), and make improvements to the Medicare program.

We also thank you for all your attention and efforts. Your calls to officials, attendance at town hall meetings and rallies, stories, expertise and fortitude made the difference.  You helped save health care coverage for babies, older people and families all over the country.  Our work isn’t done, but now we know we can make a difference.  And we will.

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