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Mr. Blake* is an 86-year old grandfather who fell and was taken to the emergency room with a broken back and
internal bleeding.  After being treated for eight days, the hospital still denies that he is an inpatient.

Instead, they claim Mr. Blake is simply an "outpatient under observation status."

Because he is not considered an inpatient – despite a broken back, internal bleeding and spending over a week in the
hospital – Mr. Blake and his family will be responsible for the entire cost of his rehabilitation and follow up care at a
skilled nursing facility.  If the hospital acknowledged Mr. Blake is being cared for as an inpatient, Medicare would cover
the cost of the necessary rehabilitation and follow-up care.


Attorneys at the Center for Medicare Advocacy are working right now to help Mr. Blake and his family.

Will you help too?

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* Some beneficiary details have been changed to maintain anonymity.  Image is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict actual beneficiary.