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The Center for Medicare Advocacy would like to bring to your attention this request from the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) for stories about the importance of Medicaid.

Do you provide time and financial support to a family member who receives Medicaid for nursing home services? Are you married to someone who is receiving Medicaid services? Would you be impoverished by paying for the nursing home care your loved one needs, if not for Medicaid?  Do you have a client or clients in these situations?

In Washington, right now, Congress is trying to eliminate these Medicaid services.

To put a face to those who receive these services, please help us share your story of Medicaid nursing facility and home and community based services. With these stories, advocates can better demonstrate what Medicaid really means.  These stories will show Congress what Medicaid is and what it means to their constituents.  We are looking for stories demonstrating that Medicaid for nursing facility and home and community based services:

  • Keeps a family member safe and cared for at home or in the community.
  • Ensures that nursing homes maintain quality standards.
  • Assists families and communities already contributing time and finances to long term care.
  • Protects someone married to a person receiving Medicaid services from impoverishment.
  • Is the main program that Medicare beneficiaries rely on for nursing facility and home and community based services.
  • Protects family members from exhausting resources to pay for care.

Please share your story of what Medicaid means for you, along with your contact information. Send your story, or questions for more information, to Fay Gordon at

Please submit stories by May 20 so they can be shared with policy makers in June.

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