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My interest in health care law propelled me to intern with the Center for Medicare Advocacy. My summer working for the Center was a time of great excitement and challenge. As a legal intern, I spent my time researching and analyzing the various new proposals, regulations, and laws that encompass the vast and detailed worlds of Medicare law and health care advocacy. In addition to performing traditional legal work, I was able to witness first hand policy promotion in Congress. The internship allowed me to interact with numerous governmental and non-governmental groups while learning various approaches and perspectives to this area of health care law.

One of the exciting issues I was able to be a part of this summer was the debate over Medicare Advantage programs and privatization. This internship provided me the opportunity to analyze the various issues from legal, policy, and even fiscally-driven perspectives. Exposure to an array of standpoints in turn broadened my outlook and allowed me to perceive greater and more detailed intricacies within our health care system.

Working with the Washington, DC staff was a pleasure. Their knowledge of the Medicare system was inspiring and, at times, intimidating. However, I never felt as though I was left to drown in open waters. The Center’s attorneys were always patient and eager to pass along knowledge to help better understand an often complex legal topic. Overall, I believe my summer internship with the Center provided me with a unique, invaluable, and truly enjoyable learning experience in the nation’s capital.

Paul V. Turaew
Health Policy Intern
Summer 2007

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