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The Center's Health Care Quarterly 

The Center for Medicare Advocacy's health care Rights Review is a one-of-kind periodical which addresses problems and provides solutions about access to health care for elders and people with disabilities.  Published quarterly in an easy-to-read five-page format, the Review is written by our senior attorneys from Washington, DC.  The Review covers real concerns culled from our clients and provides easy access to cites and primary source materials.

In what other venue could you have already found an analysis of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program as a model for Medicare reform?  This "new" proposal was featured in the health care Rights Review in July of 2001.  In its four years of publication, the review has addressed a wide array of other pressing topics, including:

  • Access to Hospice Services Under Medicare and Medicaid

  • Deposits and Prepayments for Nursing facility Care in Medicare and Medicaid

  • Medicare Coverage of Mental Health Services

  • Medicare Coverage for People With Chronic Conditions

  • Discharge Planning Advocacy

  • Reserving a Bed in a Nursing Home During Hospitalization

  • Adult Day Care and Home Health Care

  • The Right to review Health Claim Denials

In these trying times when services for older people and people with disabilities are in danger, access to health care is becoming more complicated, and Medicare and Medicaid cuts and "reform" take hold, the health care Rights Review can help advocates better obtain critical services for their clients and understand the issues facing Medicare and Medicaid.  To order the health care Rights Review, click HERE, or phone (860) 456-7790.


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