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The Center for Medicare Advocacy publishes a Weekly Alert via email.  The column deals with current issues in health care, particularly those which are of interest to Medicare beneficiaries and those who work with them.  The first Alert went out on March 4, 2004.  Many of the Alerts have dealt with various aspects of the Medicare Act of 2003.  To read through past alerts, please follow the links below.  .PDF versions of some Alerts are available where noted.

Praise for the CMA Alert:

"Thank you so much to you and the entire staff  for this extraordinary service of emailing comprehensive authoritative Medicare news... it is wonderful to have such reliable info. Thank you."

- Patricia Tobin of Prensky & Tobin, Mill Valley, CA

"I really love the formatting and the ability to easily get a printable version and links to references, etc… it makes the information very useful."

 - Richard J. Mollot, Executive Director - Long Term Care Community Coalition

"What would the SHIP program do without the CMA weekly Alerts?  Thank you."

- Lydia H. baker, Coordinator - Pima Council On Aging

"Your information is truly beneficial.  Thank you!"

- Jill Kohler, Service Coordinator, Walnut Creek Village


For further information on these alerts or to change your mailing status, please contact Matthew Shepard at (860) 456-7790 or mshepard @ (remove spaces in email address).


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