- CMS Responds to Beneficiary and Advocate Concerns -

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provided the following updated information about the Medicare-endorsed prescription drug discount card program at the May 26, 2004, meeting of the Coordinating Committee, National Medicare Education Program (NMEP):

CMS has approved 73 general cards, i.e., cards that are available to all people with Medicare.

Prices are displayed on the Prescription Drug and Other Assistance Program (PDAP) folder of for 66 cards.

CMS has approved 84 "exclusive" cards, i.e., cards offered by Medicare HMOs and other Medicare Advantage (formerly Medicare+Choice) plans.

CMS has approved several cards as special endorsement cards, i.e., cards that are offered to specific populations, either residents of long-term care facilities, individuals who get care through Indian Health Service, or residents of the territories.

CMS also provided updates about access to 1-800-MEDICARE and information on the PDAP web site:

The standard enrollment forms are now available on

The Center for Medicare Advocacy will continue to provide additional information about the discount drug card program as it becomes available. This information was current when written, on May 26, 2004.

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