The Medicare Part D Deadline Has Come And Gone:
What’s Next If You Enrolled…
And What If You Didn’t?

The initial enrollment period for Medicare Part D’s prescription drug program ended Monday, May 15.  This Alert discusses what beneficiaries who enrolled should think about next, as well as consequences and possible courses of action for beneficiaries who did not.

The press is abuzz with reports of Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle introducing legislation to extend the enrollment period, waive the late enrollment penalty (LEP), or both.  Meanwhile, the current situation is that those beneficiaries who were not auto-enrolled or exempt from the deadline, and who did not enroll by May 15, cannot enroll again until the end of 2006, with enrollment effective January 1, 2007.

If You Did Enroll In a Plan:

If You Did Not Enroll In a Plan and Do Not Have Creditable Coverage Through Another Source:

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