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On January 24, 2017 the Task Force on America’s Health and Retirement Security, chaired by Marilyn Moon, Ph.D. and led by Principal Investigator Peter Arno, Ph.D., released a new study showing the dramatic negative impact of raising Medicare’s eligibility age to 67 – assessing results on uninsured rates if the ACA stays in place and, what we all fear, if it is repealed.

The study shows the impact for ages 65-66 by gender and race, with all demographic groups showing major percentage increases in uninsured rates – escalating from the current rate of approximately 1% to 18% with the ACA in place, and 30-42% if the ACA is repealed.

Because the political environment is so unpredictable, the study uses the year 2019, half-way through the Trump administration, to provide a snapshot  to help the public understand this complex proposal that is featured in Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s plan, “A Better Way: Health Care.”  As the research by the Actuarial Research Corporation (ARC) shows, it would not be a “better way,” either for the health of America’s seniors or for the financial health of the institutions that provide care for them.

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