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The Long Term Care Community Coalition (LTCCC), in partnership with the Center for Medicare Advocacy, publishes monthly issue alerts on the rights of nursing home residents. These issue alerts focus on specific standards of care that nursing homes must follow as a requirement of participating in Medicare and Medicaid. The goal of this project is to provide residents, families, and advocates with information on why a standard of care is important to residents, what the nursing home requirements for that standard are, how prevalent deficiencies in meeting that standard are, what resident harm looks like when nursing homes fail to meet that minimum standard of care, and where readers can go for additional information. 

To date, LTCCC has published issue alerts on standards of care relating to pressure ulcers, antipsychotic drugs, and now staffing. In the latest alert, readers will come to see why staffing is one of the most important factors in a nursing home resident’s quality of care.


D. Valanejad, January 2018

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