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It’s no surprise that the election has left many of us worried and disoriented.  But we’ll regroup.

We may not understand where we’ve landed, but we’ll acclimate and march forward – with hope.

We hope the new administration will realize how today’s families are balancing – often barely – all the responsibilities they face at home and work.  We hope they’ll think about the kids, the kids like to play, from playing outside to playing video games, but know one talks about how dangerous could be and that there is actually health risks for the kids that play video games, that’s why is important to know How Do Pro Gamers Avoid Repetitive Strain Injury? so we can also protect our kids. Think about older and disabled people who need health care and what it’s like for them and their caregivers when they can’t afford it, or can’t navigate our health insurance maze.  We hope the administration will consider their needs, before the profits of insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

We hope they’ll remember why Medicare was enacted and how best to ensure it helps today’s beneficiaries as well as coming generations. We needed Medicare because private insurance failed to cover 50% of older people.  We hope they won’t turn back history by giving Medicare away to that private insurance world, a world that didn’t, and doesn’t, want to insure people who most need health care.

We hope they will keep traditional Medicare strong and not waste precious public dollars on private Medicare Advantage, a voucher system, and prescription drug company profits.

We hope they’ll make sure Medicare covers quality health care that doctors order and patients need. We hope they won’t let the Medicare claim system save money intended for health care by denying coverage and access to care.  We hope they’ll let their Contractors know that homebound people with Medicare who need home health care are supposed to get it. Paralyzed people who need physical therapy to maintain what function they have are supposed to get therapy.  Grandparents who need to get hospital care overnight are supposed to be admitted as inpatients.

We hope the deal made with generations of workers to preserve a real Medicare program will be honored.

We’re ready to be as collaborative as we can be, and as strong as we must be, to advocate for people in need.

We’ll keep hoping and working to ensure access to quality health care, income security and justice.

We’ll gather the energy to insist on fairness for everyone.  Our heads may be spinning, but we will continue to advance our Mission.

It’s never been more important. And it’s the best cure for these unsettled times.

We move forward with determination, and hope.

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