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A recent report by the Sunlight Foundation’s Web Integrity Project shows that the Administration removed 85 pages of information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). According to the report, the removed information concerned “a wide range of information about programs offered, and rights guaranteed, under the ACA, and how the law affects coverage for a variety of historically underserved populations.” The report goes on to say that “…over a two year span since Trump took office, various HHS offices have seemingly gone out of their way to systematically remove references to the ACA and de-emphasize or eliminate information about its potential benefits.”

Since the beginning of the Administration, we have highlighted the various ways the ACA has been weakened and undermined. We have watched as the Administration cut the enrollment period in half; slashed funding for enrollment assistance; refused to participate in enrollment events; shut down during critical times; and expanded the sale of inadequate insurance plans such as Short-Term Limited-Duration Insurance.

Considering these actions, it comes as no surprise that a recent CDC survey found that about 1.1 million people lost health coverage in 2018. In a report about the CDC findings, USA Today indicates that analysts have said “Efforts by the Trump administration and Congress to challenge and loosen requirements of the Affordable Care Act probably played a role in some going without coverage…”

The American people have consistently shown that they value fair access to quality affordable coverage and have rejected attempts to take away their coverage and care. The Affordable Care Act must not be undermined through executive action, legislation, the courts, or through “censorship.” We once again call on the Administration to cease these misguided actions and help, not hinder, access to coverage.

June 6, 2019 – B. Belton

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