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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
− Helen Keller

Join the Center for Medicare Advocacy as a CMA Community Member and be one of the voices of Medicare and health care heard in Washington, DC – and throughout the country!

For only $25 a year, you can be part of a group of dedicated advocates working to stop wasteful overpayments to private companies, and keep the traditional program strong for 50 million Medicare beneficiaries nationwide. By becoming a CMA Community Member, you will also help the Center for Medicare Advocacy continue to:

  1. Assist beneficiaries, like Mrs. Rosalie J. Berkowitz, whose story is featured in the video at right.
  2. Provide in-depth and comprehensive analysis and guidance regarding Medicare law, policies, and practice.
  3. Lead efforts to protect individuals from harmful systemic problems such as the "Improvement Standard" and Observation Status.
  4. Fight the loud, but inaccurate, voices on Capitol Hill pushing to turn Medicare over to the private insurance industry, and endorsing other efforts to damage the program.
  5. Help you take action on current Medicare and health care issues.

Additional CMA Community Member Benefits:

  1. Ask the Expert  live, phone conferences with the Center for Medicare Advocacy’s Executive Director and other senior attorneys responding directly to CMA Members’ questions. This will be your chance to get your questions answered, directly from the experts!
  2. Bi-Monthly Health Care Policy e-Alerts  Every other month CMA Community Members will receive a briefing from our Washington, DC office summarizing the complex world of health care policy and legislation in common sense language. Information will be provided about:​​
  • Health Care Policy News and Analysis
    • How can you make your voice heard?
    • Fact versus Fiction: How can you fact-check and respond to what you hear in the media and from politicians?​
    • How will new and proposed legislation and policies impact you and your loved ones?
  • Medicare-Specific Policy News and Analysis
    • Medicare basics – Enrollment periods, what is and is not covered, what help is available to help with out-of-pocket expenses.
    • Learn the Difference – Medicare Advantage vs. traditional Medicare.
    • Be clear – What are your rights as a Medicare beneficiary?
    • Know the latest issues facing Medicare and Medicare beneficiaries – and what to do about them.
  1. Bi-monthly CMA Community Newsletter  A digest of important Ask the Experts questions and answers, important events, updates and news you need to know.