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By V.W., a Medicare Beneficiary from Colorado

I am a 77 year old woman. I only used Medicare back in the earlier part of this decade, in 2002 and 2005, when I had accidents that required surgery to repair broken bones. The “out of pocket” costs for those surgeries were in the $10,000+ range each. Thanks to Medicare, my co-pay was $500 or less. I do not take any medications, or currently have any health issues, which is fortunate.  

Most people my age whom I know take many prescription drugs and have health issues. I am grateful that I had, and continue to have Medicare, as I could not afford to pay for private insurance coverage before I was eligible for Medicare. Back then I was simply “uninsured” as I was self-employed and could not afford the premiums.  

Like me, many people who don’t have insurance coverage at their jobs are uninsured. I would like to see Medicare extended to everyone as it is a much more affordable option than private insurance.

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