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Patients may find themselves in the hospital, receiving medical services, tests, and treatment, sometimes for many days, but learn they are considered outpatients, in Observation Status, not admitted inpatients. This is understandably confusing for patients and families – and difficult for hospital physicians and personnel. This information is provided to help you understand and respond to an “outpatient” Observation Status designation.

Use the following links to explore the Toolkit contents online, or Print a full .pdf of the Toolkit

  1. Infographic
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Fact Sheet
  4. Summary & Stories
  5. Sample Hospital-Patient Notice (MOON)
  6. Recorded Webinar: Outpatient/Observation Status (requires brief sign-in)
  7. Selected Beneficiary and Advocate Questions & Answers
  8. Self-Help Packet

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Click here for more information on Observation Status
and the Center’s class action lawsuit.

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