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2020 Edition Available Now

Edited by Alfred J. Chiplin, Jr., Judith A. Stein

Medicare Handbook, 2019 Edition by Judith A. Stein, Alfred J. Chiplin, Jr. The Center for Medicare Advocacy’s Medicare Handbook is a comprehensive resource for attorneys, advocates, policy experts and health care providers.  It is the indispensable resource for clarifying Medicare’s confusing rules and regulations.

Prepared by the outstanding experts at the Center for Medicare Advocacy, it addresses issues you need to master to provide effective planning advice or advocacy services.  It includes extensive discussion and examples of how Medicare rules apply in the real world, case citations, checklists, worksheets, practice pointers and other tools to help in obtaining coverage for clients.

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Updated annually, the Medicare Handbook includes guidance and practical tips on Medicare from leading experts, including:

    • Medicare Enrollment and Eligibility
    • Medicare Coverage in all Care-Settings
    • Medicare Coverage for People with Chronic Conditions
    • Medicare Home Health Coverage and Access to Care
    • Prescription Drug Coverage
    • Medicare Advantage Plans
    • Medicare Appeals
    • Health Care Reform… and more!

In addition, the Medicare Handbook helps readers respond to questions that arise on a regular basis, including:

    • How do I appeal a denial of services?
    • What steps do I need to take in order to receive Medicare covered home health care?
    • What are the elements of Medicare’s appeal process for the denial of coverage of an item, service, or procedure?
    • Does my state have to help me enroll in Medicare so that I can get assistance through a Medicare Savings Program?
    • When should I sign up for a Medigap plan?
    • If I am enrolled in Medicare, do I have to buy health insurance in the insurance marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act?
    • Is it true that I have to show medical improvement in order to get Medicare for my nursing and therapy services?

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