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Center for Medicare Advocacy, a national legal advocacy group, offers experts to provide unique perspective and legal analysis on decision

In what is being heralded as the decision of the decade, the U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to rule on the Affordable Care Act in June 2012. The landmark health care decision will have a direct and long-lasting impact on families and the more than 49 million Americans who depend on Medicare to cover their daily health care needs, especially older adults and people with disabilities.

The Center for Medicare Advocacy (the Center), a national nonpartisan advocacy organization is offering experts, both lawyers who represent older and disabled people, to discuss this ongoing issue  provide unique insight into related current events and discuss how the ruling either way will affect the Medicare beneficiaries and their families nationwide:

  • Judith Stein founder and executive director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc. has been focused on legal representation of older adults and the disabled for more than three decades. She has been lead or co-counsel in a number of federal class action lawsuits and individual cases challenging improper Medicare policies and denials. She is currently co-counsel in Jimmo, et al vs. Sebelius, 5:11-CV-17, (D. VT., filed 1/18/2011), which seeks proper Medicare coverage standards for people with long-term and chronic conditions.
  • Gill Deford is the director of litigation at the Center for Medicare Advocacy, where his work focuses on federal court litigation and appellate practice, usually involving class actions or organizational representation. In 2011, Mr. Deford filed two class action suits against the Federal government, Jimmo, et al vs. Sebelius, 5:11-CV-17, (D. VT., filed 1/18/2011) and Bagnall vs. Sebelius, 3:11-cv-01703 (D. Conn. filed 11/3/2011).

Ms. Stein is also available to comment on proposals advanced by Rep. Paul Ryan and others to change Medicare into a private voucher system. 

Please contact Lauren Weybrew at or call 914-833-7093 if you’d like to speak with a representative of the Center for Medicare Advocacy. 

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