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Marion Platt has served on the board of The Center for Medicare Advocacy since its inception in 1986.

Ms. Platt has been an advocate for special education services for over thirty-five years serving preschoolers through adults in Connecticut and Illinois as a teacher, administrator, professional development coordinator and consultant.  Areas of expertise include special education law and programming for students on the autism spectrum.  In the 1990s she received a Fulbright Scholarship to live and work in Russia to develop special education programming in concert with technological advances. Ms. Platt has been instrumental in the development of public school programming for minority populations including specialized training and services for medically fragile/technologically dependent children, pre-kindergarten through age twenty-one students on the autism spectrum and, most recently, transitional programming for students returning to public school subsequent to a  prolonged psychiatric or medical hospitalization.

Ms. Platt received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and education, cum laude, Masters in special education and Sixth Year degree in educational leadership and administration, magna cum laude, from the University of Connecticut, and completed her EdD at Loyola University, Chicago with a focus on program design and evaluation.  Ms. Platt is a life-long member of many special education organizations including the Council for Exceptional Children.


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