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As I was entering my third year of law school, I wanted to gain more experience with the practice of health law in Washington, D.C. My internship with the Center for Medicare Advocacy added a new dimension to my understanding of health law. The opportunities to work on innovative projects, attend health care briefings, and most importantly, to interact with people so knowledgeable of Medicare issues, were invaluable.

During my second year of law school, I had participated in a health law clinic, serving underrepresented clients seeking access to health insurance. The experience left me wanting to do more to ensure such access on a greater scale. Going from this client-oriented environment to the Center was a natural transition. I was able to work on issues such as alerts to Medicare beneficiaries of changes in their coverage and appeal rights for those in hospice care. The work was a great policy complement to my clinic experience and has left me with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work of a health attorney.

Furthermore, one of the most exciting aspects of the internship was the ability to attend briefings on many different parts of health care law. During these meetings, I learned more about issues such as patient managed care, community partnerships, and health provision in rural areas. Additionally, being able to attend health reform briefings on the Hill and speaking with the Center staff about the ongoing reform debate has been enlightening. I am grateful for the time I was able to spend at the Center for Medicare Advocacy and the experience I have gained.

Katerina Horska
Health Policy Intern
Fall 2009

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