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Over 50 Million Americans

Rely on Medicare.

We've got their backs.
Will you have ours?
For over 26 years, The Center for Medicare Advocacy has been a tireless advocate for Medicare beneficiaries — both for individuals and entire classes.  The Center has also fought to preserve our nation's Medicare program which, since 1965, has successfully provided guaranteed benefits and enhanced people's health and financial security when they need it most.
Today we continue that fight, but the opposition has increased.  Attacks on the Medicare program as we know it are louder and more fervent than ever. Worse, they shamelessly leverage the financial concerns we all share in order to push a purely philosophical agenda — a commitment to turning Medicare over to the private market — despite overwhelming evidence that private plans have proven more expensive and less efficient than traditional Medicare.
We continue fighting to preserve Medicare,
but your support is needed.
Will you join us?
Over 50 Million Americans need you!

                                                                                                              © Josh Bright,  The New York Times

Mrs. Cliff ,
An Historic Lawsuit &
The Work That Continues

In our recent appeal letter, we told you the story of Mrs. Cliff and her on-going struggles to maintain critical home health care coverage and services necessary for her to remain at home.  

We told you how the Center repeatedly helped her appeal inappropriate denials based on what was known as the "Improvement Standard."

Now we can tell you the Center's class action lawsuit to end the "Improvement Standard" has been successful. 

We can tell you her real name is Mrs. Berkowitz (read more about her in this NY Times article), and we can tell you that, once finalized, this landmark decision will drastically improve health care for millions of Americans living with long-term or debilitating conditions.

Winning this historic lawsuit is just the beginning.

Now we need your support to ensure that this settlement is effectively implemented and communicated, ensuring full and fair access to Medicare and necessary health care for older and disabled Americans.

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