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On November 20, the Center for Medicare Advocacy, with support from the John A. Hartford Foundation, convened an online gathering of members of the Jimmo Implementation Council and other stakeholders in the effort to remove barriers to care for people with longer-term, chronic, and debilitating conditions.

The Council first met in 2015 in Washington, DC to discuss implementation of the Jimmo Settlement, which confirmed that Medicare coverage is available for skilled care to maintain a person’s condition or to slow or prevent further decline. Unfortunately, more than six years after court approval of the Settlement, improper “improvement standard” barriers continue to exist.

This online presentation included special guests Cindy Krafft, owner & Founder of Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions, Dennis Knoff, Senior Vice President at United States Medical Management, and John Marmarou, Founder and Executive Director of Total Rehab & Fitness. The Center is grateful for the time these expert providers took to be with us to discuss their successful experiences providing, and billing for, maintenance therapy in home health and outpatient settings.

The Center remains committed to working with Medicare stakeholders to address ongoing barriers. It will continue to require collaboration – and persistence.

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