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Dear CMA,

I am a retiree and my health plan is Medicare. I am retired 13 years and never have had any problem with my Medicare coverage. Most of my doctors accept Medicare and I have been very pleased with their services.

I have become increasingly troubled by the targeted ads to seniors on TV telling viewers that time is running out for them to sign up for Medicare Advantage plans  or other similar plans. It sounds as if they don't sign up for Medicare Advantage they will lose their original Medicare coverage.

There is one particular ad of a woman who misses her train and then equates this to people who don't sign up for  Medicare Advantage or other similar plans.

Where are our original Medicare Plan ads? How are we fighting back? I know that Medicare works for me as well as my husband and find no fault with its coverage. Yes, they only cover 80% of the total bill, but many doctors who accept Medicare have agreed to accept this as full payment minus the deductible.

I am afraid that with so much money being spend on these negative ads, or ads that do nothing but frighten people into thinking that they  must sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan or lose their original Medicare coverage, that we will lose the original Medicare Health Coverage that all seniors are entitled to.

I don't see us fighting back. And we better, sooner rather than later, or we will lose our much deserved and needed original Medicare Health Coverage.

Concerned in New York,

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