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Since 2017 the Center for Medicare Advocacy has been writing and disseminating a ten-part Home Health Issue Brief Series examining the growing crisis in access to Medicare-covered home health care, and outlining the Center’s work to address the issue. This Home Health Issue Brief includes all ten prior Briefs in one document. We hope this complete Brief will help advocates and policy-makers access the relevant, often unknown, Medicare law, and related resource material, and assist them in efforts to resist inappropriate barriers to covered care.

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CMA Issue Brief Series: Medicare Home Health Care Crisis

  1. Overview – The Crisis in Medicare Home Health Coverage and Access to Care
  2. Medicare Home Health Coverage, Legally Defined
  3. Medicare Coverage for Home Care Is Based On a Need For Skilled Care – Improvement Is Not Required
  4. Misleading and Inaccurate CMS Medicare Home Health Publications
  5. The Home Care Crisis: An Elder Justice Issue
  6. Beneficiary Protections Expanded in Revised Home Health Conditions of Participation
  7. Barriers to Home Care Created by CMS Payment, Quality Measurement, and Fraud Investigation Systems
  8. Proposed CMS Rules and Systems Will Worsen the Home Care Crisis
  9. Statistical Trends and Published Articles with Studies and Research from 2002-2017
  10. Strategic Plans to Address and Resolve the Medicare Home Care Crisis

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