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Despite an enormous public outcry that eventually doomed this summer’s attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act and decimating Medicaid, legislators seem to be lining up behind yet another bad bill.

In fact, the Graham-Cassidy bill is even worse than earlier rejected bills.

The Graham Cassidy bill[1]:

  • Permits states to waive rules on premium ratings – meaning no guaranteed protections against charging more for people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Allows states to waive rules for “essential health benefits” – meaning no guaranteed coverage for services such as preventive care, maternity care, mental health care and pediatric services.
  • Ends all current federal subsidies for purchasing insurance.
  • Ends Medicaid expansion and caps Medicaid funding.

And, of course[2]:

  • Cause 32 million people to lose coverage – and likely more, because of even deeper funding cuts to the rest of the Medicaid program.

Don't let the Senate gut health care!

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Graham-Cassidy Doesn't Pass the "Jimmy Kimmel Test"!
Fight for a bill that does!






[1] Kaiser Family Foundation, “Compare Proposals to Replace the Affordable Care Act.”
[2] Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “Like Other ACA Repeal Bills, Cassidy_Graham Plan Would Dd Millions to Uninsured, Destabilize Individual Market.”


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