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  • Welcome and Housekeeping  (David Lipschutz, Moderator)
  • Presentation:  Re-Review of Previously Denied Claims Pursuant to the Jimmo Settlement (Gill Deford)
  • Overview
  • Claims Eligible for Review
  • Deadlines and Request Form
  • Legislative Update:  The Federal Budget and Medicare (David Lipschutz)
  • Medicare “Doc Fix” (Physician payment, or “SGR”): Where are we now?
  • Extenders: QI program and therapy cap exceptions process
  • "Pay-fors": cost-shifting to Medicare beneficiaries?
  • Regulatory Update  
  • CMS Proposed Rule re: Parts C and D (79 FR 1918, January 10, 2014) (David Lipschutz)
  • Overview
  • Including change in Part D protected classes of drugs  
  • Comments Due March 7, 2014
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Mail-order: What are your experiences?  (Alfred Chiplin)
  • State high-risk pools and recent CMS policy issuance (Andrea Callow)
  • Due Process and Medicare Appeals  (Judy Stein)
  • Denial rate of beneficiary appeals
  • ALJ scheduling backlog
  • General Medicare Q&A (Moderator)
  • Wrap-up  (Moderator)
  • Keep informed: Myths and Truths, other information and updates on the Center’s Website
  • Searchable Database
  • Next Call

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