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In the weeks leading up to the mid-term elections, the Center for Medicare Advocacy will work to ensure Medicare gains momentum as a top issue for voters and candidates. During an audio news conference announcing the SaveMedicareNow initiative, led by the Center, key experts discussed policy and structural changes that threaten the Medicare program. Presenters also highlighted the impact these harmful proposals will have on beneficiaries and families, suggested alternatives to enhance Medicare coverage and program solvency, reported on the impact of increasing efforts to privatize Medicare, and analyzed recent polling showing that health care is consistently a top issue for voters this fall.

The SaveMedicareNow initiative seeks to raise awareness about current proposed threats to Medicare. It is important that voters understand where candidates stand on these important health care issues, such as Medicare privatization. Candidates must be committed to a strong Medicare program and to resisting threats to Medicare, including increasing efforts to privatize the program.

The SaveMedicareNow initiative will give voters tools they need to engage with candidates about these important issues. Voters will be able to learn Medicare myths vs. facts, and about current and proposed privatization plans; find candidate forums; download a candidate questionnaire; and share stories about how Medicare has impacted their lives.        

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