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Interning with the Center for Medicare Advocacy in its Washington, DC office has been an enriching and informative learning experience. The Center provides education, advocacy, and legal assistance for elderly and disabled individuals seeking to obtain Medicare or other health care benefits. Having no extensive background in the substantive area of Medicare, I was afforded an opportunity to gain a significant amount of knowledge in just a ten-week period.

My summer internship experience consisted of conducting legal research, writing memoranda on complex issues of law, and attending Capitol Hill hearings and briefings.  For instance, on June 26, I attended a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations examining predatory marketing in Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage plans provide private insurance options for Medicare beneficiaries. However, during this hearing several witnesses attested to the deceptive sales practices of insurance agents who were preying upon elderly and disabled Medicare beneficiaries by selling unsuitable plans. Already having an interest in Elder Law, this hearing furthered my enthusiasm for advocating on behalf of those who have no voice, more specifically elderly persons.

Lastly, I must say that the attorneys working in the Washington office created one of the friendliest working environments I have ever experienced. Not only are these individuals highly knowledgeable of the health care system, they also make themselves available to the interns for any questions or comments that might be posed. Moreover, I have never seen a group more passionate about advocating on behalf of the rights of others. I found my internship experience to be challenging yet rewarding. If given the opportunity, I would gladly work for the Center for Medicare Advocacy again.

Candace Hill
Health Policy Intern
Summer 2007

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