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No. 09-cv-134-TUC-DCB (D.Ariz.), filed March 10, 2009.  Appeal filed June 30, 2011 (No. 11-16606, 9th Cir.). Issue: Whether the Secretary's aggressive methods for attempting to collect payments under his Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) program, directed at beneficiaries and their attorneys, violates the Medicare statute and the Due Process Clause. Relief sought: Declaratory and injunctive relief … Read more

Marion Platt has served on the board of The Center for Medicare Advocacy since its inception in 1986. Ms. Platt has been an advocate for special education services for over thirty-five years serving preschoolers through adults in Connecticut and Illinois as a teacher, administrator, professional development coordinator and consultant.  Areas of expertise include special education … Read more

 No. CV 08-2309-PHX-ROS (D.Ariz.), filed December 18, 2008. Appeal filed March 6, 2012 (No. 12-15478, 9th Cir.). Issue: Whether the Secretary's exclusion of coverage for dental care in extraordinary circumstances where the care is necessary to treat a medical condition violates the Medicare statute and policy provisions, and the Equal Protection Clause. Relief Sought: Declaratory judgment … Read more

No. 09-1706 (C.D.Cal.), filed September 8, 2009.  Appeal filed January 28, 2011 (No. 11-55175, 9th Cir.) Issue: Whether the absence of an administrative appeals process for the denial of services by a hospice violates the Medicare statute and the Due Process Clause. Relief Sought: Declaratory and injunctive relief requiring an administrative appeals process. Updated: October 22, … Read more

No. C06-02841-TEH (N.D.Cal.), filed April 26, 2006 Issue: Whether CMS' failure to correctly implement the Part D prescription benefit for hundreds of thousands of dual eligibles violates the Medicare statute and the Due Process Clause. Relief sought: A nationwide class of dual eligibles has been alleged.  Plaintiffs seek declaratory and injunctive relief to ensure that dual eligibles … Read more

No. 10-cv-645 (D.Conn.), filed April 27, 2010 Issue: Whether a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552, about how Medicare's Improvement Standard is explained to employees of CMS and its contractors, had to be answered in a timely fashion. Relief Sought: Full and timely responses to plaintiff's FOIA request. Updated: … Read more

No. 09-cv-16 (D.Vt.), filed January 22, 2009   Issue: Whether the Secretary's policy of terminating Medicare coverage for a home health patient on the ground that her condition is stable or is not improving violates the Medicare statute and regulations.   Relief Sought: Declaratory and permanent injunctive relief prohibiting application of the "improvement" standard, with an award of … Read more

No. 09-cv-1927-MJD-JSM (D.Minn.), filed July 23, 2009 Issue: Whether the Secretary’s coverage of enteral feeding by a Part C plan on the ground that it was a skilled nursing service was correct. Relief sought: Plaintiff seeks to reverse the decision of the Secretary.  Defendants (the Secretary and the state Commissioner of the Dept. of Social … Read more

No. 09-cv-672 (D.Conn.), filed April 24, 2009 Issue: Whether a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552, about the possible failure of Part D plans to reimburse LIS beneficiaries for premium payments for which they were not responsible, had to be answered in a timely fashion. Relief sought:  Full and timely … Read more

Your site is the most helpful I've found re: current standards, info, & legislative awareness. I find it invaluable. Thank you! (Submitted from our website)

[I came to your website] for general information before returning to home health nursing. I am an RN who's been out of the field for 3 and 1/2 yrs, and I know that rules and regs are changing all the time. I was surfing the net for info to get me up to date on … Read more

I found your site to be very well laid out and [found it] easy to access information. While [Medicare is] complicated, you make things much easier to understand. Thank you.

I would like to commend the Center for all of the wonderful work that you have done over the years.; I have had the opportunity to attend several training events sponsored by the Center that provided me with the knowledge and tools to assist Medicare beneficiaries exercise their rights in traditional health care systems as … Read more

Staff of the Georgia Senior Legal Hotline rely on the expertise of the Center for Medicare Advocacy for a wide range of health-related issues. Their attorneys are among the most experienced and knowledgeable on Medicare and Medicaid in the United States. They respond to our clients' most convoluted questions and problems regarding our health care … Read more

Thank you so much for the work you do for Medicare beneficiaries. Traditional Medicare has served me well for 17 years and I don't want to see any changes to the current program in exchange for the skimpy drug benefit in S.1. and H.R.1. I am most grateful to have read Center News, Summer 2003, … Read more


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… If it had not been for Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc …. I don't think I could have gotten thru some of this Medicare stuff. I started receiving the Weekly Alerts a year or more ago before I was even thinking about eligibility for Medicare. I was reading much of the information which in … Read more

I've been preparing a talk I have to give on oncology reimbursement through Medicare. In preparing over the weekend, I would do searches on Web and always came back your Center's web site. Great one and I'll use as a resource for my audience to have if they have some general questions about Medicare.

I use this website to stay current on Medicare for my work.The Center was invaluable when I worked with them while in Connecticut and I stay connected to Medicare through this website.

Thank you so very much. has been a great resource. I am involved in patient advocacy and have referred so many people, many on dialysis, etc… who have found wonderful information. Thank you for your service and passion to help others.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Alerts and latest news. It helps me keep our seniors up to date.Thank you so much.

(Regarding our Weekly Alert) Dear Matt [Shepard, Communications Coordinator]: Thank you so much to you and the entire staff for this extraordinary service of emailing comprehensive authoritative Medicare news… it is wonderful to have such reliable info. Thank you.

(From two messages regarding our Weekly Alert) I thank you for your continued support with the wonderful “CMA Alerts.”… What a great service you provide!… Currently, you are my only reliable source of information. I do go on the Medicare website but you have to dig to get the information and then “you” the reader … Read more

You folks are doing great work on this issue — as expected. Congratulations for all you're doing, and thanks. FYI, we've placed a note about the Center for Medicare Advocacy on the "Recent Elder Rights & Legal Issues" section of our site, under the March 17th notes, with a direct link to your site. Keep … Read more

Judy [Judith Stein, Executive Director of the Center], you have been an enormous help and constant source of support to me over the years. I was so thrilled when you became president of NAELA. I knew you would be wonderful and a tremendous help to Medicare beneficiaries and advocates. As both a former Medicare advocate … Read more

The Center for Medicare Advocacy is a wonderful resource for my Title III B providers to use when they run into difficult Medicare issues with clients. Judy Stein and her staff are personable and so knowledgeable, I have no hesitation assuring my providers that they can rely on the expertise of the Center. As a … Read more

It has been a pleasure to work with the Center for Medicare Advocacy over the last many years. The Center has a significant history of providing excellent services to CT’s elderly. Your work is highly professional and done with compassion. Our contractual relationship with the Center has been extremely positive. Your attention to programmatic and … Read more

The Connecticut Geriatrics Society represents over 150 geriatricians and health care professionals in Connecticut committed to high quality care for older adults and has had extensive experience working with the Center for Medicare Advocacy based in Willimantic, CT. As President of the Connecticut Geriatrics Society, and as Director of Geriatric Medicine at Stamford Health System, … Read more

I [would like to express] my high regard for the Center for Medicare Advocacy, the center's Executive Director Judy Stein, and her staff. This is a group of individuals who are deeply immersed in their efforts to assist older adults and persons with disabilities. They are often far too busy, and maybe even too humble, … Read more

"The Center for Medicare Advocacy is the most experienced Medicare advocacy organization in the nation. For more than 20 years I have relied on the Center for the most up-to-date information and effective help for my constituents. The Center for Medicare Advocacy is an invaluable resource for anyone sorting through the complexities of Medicare or … Read more

No. CV 03 2008FMC(PJWx) (C.D.Cal.), filed March 12, 2003  Updated: August 25, 2006 Issue: Whether the County of Los Angeles, under state law and the Medicare and Medicaid statutes, may close a rehabilitation hospital and eliminate 100 beds from another public hospital. Relief Sought: A preliminary and permanent injunction prohibiting the County from reducing the … Read more

No. CIV 93-7112 TUC ACM (D. Ariz.), filed 1993; Grijalva v. Shalala, No. 97-15877 (9th Cir.), appeal filed by defendant 1997; Shalala v. Grijalva, No. 98-1284 (S.Ct.), petition for cert. filed by defendant  Final Update: October 30, 2003 Issue: Whether the Secretary of HHS failed to ensure that HMOs provided appropriate notice and hearing rights … Read more

No. CIV01-112TUC-BPV (D. Ariz), filed March 16, 2001 Last Updated: December 15, 2004 Issue: Whether CMS's procedures for promulgating Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) and for informing beneficiaries of the application of LCDs to their claims violates the APA, the Medicare statute and regulations, and the due process clause. Relief sought: Nationwide class alleged.  Declaratory and … Read more

Una ley recientemente firmada por el Gobernador Luis Fortuño – pasado para luchar contra el robo de identidad – invalidará todos los certificados de nacimiento de Puerto Rico a partir del 1 de julio 2010.  Toda la gente nacida en la isla de Puerto Rico tendrá que solicitar un nuevo certificado de nacimiento y tendrá … Read more

Miembros recibirán accesso a medicamentos mientras se incriben a sus planes nuevos Los Centros de Servicios de Medicare y Medicaid (CMS), (por  sus siglas en inglés) terminó hoy su contrato con la compañía de seguros Fox (Fox Insurance Company).  Después de una revisión local del plan y sus servicios, CMS determinó que las deficiencias del … Read more

THE CENTER FOR MEDICARE ADVOCACY LANZA UN NUEVO PROYECTO REMOVIENDO LA MAYOR BARRERA AL CUIDO NECESARIO: INICIATIVA DE ABÓGACIA & EDUCACION PARA LA "REGLA DE MEJORÍA" El Center for Medicare Advocacy ha lanzado una iniciativa nueva de abogacia y educación para eliminar el criterio que requiere una mejoria de salud para recibir cobertura de Medicare. … Read more

Attorney Bess Brewer is a sole practitioner in Sacramento, California.  Her practice is devoted to litigating Social Security Disability cases at the federal court level.  Prior to entering private practice, Ms. Brewer was Directing Attorney for Northern California Lawyers for Civil Justice (NCLCJ), a staff attorney with the National Senior Citizens Law Center (NSCLC) in … Read more

As the New York Times reported on March 31, 2002 (p.1), Medicare advocates have been successful in convincing the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to loosen Medicare’s denial practices for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairments. Unfortunately, Medicare has a decades-long policy of denying coverage to people who need services which … Read more

Patricia Nemore is a senior policy attorney in the Washington, DC office of the Center for Medicare Advocacy.  Ms. Nemore has been an advocate for older people and people with disabilities seeking health care for  more than thirty -five  years. Her practice has focused on Medicare, Medicaid and long-term care, with special emphasis on issues … Read more

Connie Neal has been a member of the Center for Medicare Advocacy board of directors since 1986.  She is currently serving as Secretary.  Ms. Neal has served on several boards throughout the years, including those of Windham Memorial Community Hospital, Mt. Hope Montessori School, and Altrusa International, Inc. of Northeastern Connecticut, an association of professional … Read more

Sally Hart is consulting counsel to the Center For Medicare Advocacy, Inc. in Willimantic, Connecticut, and is located in Tucson, Arizona. She graduated from Stanford University and Boston University School of Law (cum laude), and received a Masters in Business Taxation from U.S.C. Ms. Hart specializes in public health benefits law, particularly the problems encountered … Read more

I came to the Center for Medicare Advocacy already knowing that I wanted to pursue a career in health policy.  I had previous experience in other non-profit health law and policy settings in Boston and thought I knew about how the health care system worked.  I was strikingly wrong.  Nowhere else can you come away … Read more

My interest in health care law propelled me to intern with the Center for Medicare Advocacy. My summer working for the Center was a time of great excitement and challenge. As a legal intern, I spent my time researching and analyzing the various new proposals, regulations, and laws that encompass the vast and detailed worlds … Read more

Interning with the Center for Medicare Advocacy in its Washington, DC office has been an enriching and informative learning experience. The Center provides education, advocacy, and legal assistance for elderly and disabled individuals seeking to obtain Medicare or other health care benefits. Having no extensive background in the substantive area of Medicare, I was afforded … Read more

My understanding of the health care system drastically changed while participating in the daily work of the Center for Medicare Advocacy. I began interning at the Center with minimal background knowledge of Medicare, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the intricate web of players in the health care system. I interned at an … Read more

As I was entering my third year of law school, I wanted to gain more experience with the practice of health law in Washington, D.C. My internship with the Center for Medicare Advocacy added a new dimension to my understanding of health law. The opportunities to work on innovative projects, attend health care briefings, and … Read more

I interned for the Center for Medicare Advocacy in its Washington D.C. office the summer after my second year of law school.  I believe it was the perfect place and time to further explore my interest in health law, especially due to the recent passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The health … Read more

My summer at the Center for Medicare Advocacy gave me great insight into the policy side of healthcare law. Last summer, I worked directly with low-income clients to secure public benefits, including health coverage through Medicare and Medicaid. Having understood the importance of policy on an individual level, my internship at the Center let me … Read more

Attorney Brad Gallant is a Partner in the law firm of Day Pitney LLP. His practice includes traditional trust and estate planning and administration, special needs and disabilities planning, planning for same-sex couples and their families, planning for incapacity, and all types of probate litigation. Mr. Gallant is the immediate past Chair of the Estates … Read more

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No. 06-1607 (D.D.C.), filed September 15, 2006, appeal filed May 21, 2009 (No. 09-5191, D.C.Cir.)   Last Update: October 22, 2010   Issue: Whether the Secretary's refusal to inform 230,000 Part D-enrolled beneficiaries, who mistakenly were sent money reflecting the amount of their monthly premiums, of their right to request waiver of recovery, while demanding … Read more