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Even amended, AHCA is a bad Bill.

AHCA still guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

  • Funds provided through the latest last-ditch amendment would cover only a fraction of the people with pre-existing conditions who would face discrimination by insurers.
  • It would still leave 15 million people with pre-existing conditions with no added protection from cuts to their benefits or increases in premiums.
  • It would eliminate essential health benefits requirements.

AHCA Increases the cost of insurance for older Americans.

  • Many older adults would face premiums that cost half their income, and in some areas of the country older adults could face premiums that actually exceed their annual income.
  • States could allow plans to charge older people premiums that are even more than five times those of younger people.

Everyone is harmed by this Bill.

  • This latest version could take away core financial protections for millions of people with employer sponsored coverage.
  • If the essential health benefits go away or are severely undermined, more than 100 million people, including 70 million people with employer-sponsored coverage, could once again face lifetime limits on their coverage. If only one state decides to eliminate the essential health benefits this would open the door to lifetime limits returning to employer-plans across the entire country.

Tell Congress to focus on really providing better health coverage & care.
Time is of the essence. Call right now!

  1. Call 202-224-3121 to contact your member of Congress and your Senators.
  2. Flood social media.  #RejectRepeal, #ProtectOurCare. See #SaveMyCare for Social Media Messaging and Images.

Tell Congress to stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act
and make America sicker

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