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Sign our petition to remind CMS that Medicare should cover medically necessary oral health care.

  • Medicare was created to help older people and people with disabilities.  It should not deny clinically essential or life-saving treatments simply because those treatments occur within the mouth.
  • The Medicare statute does not prohibit coverage for non-routine dental or oral procedures that are medically critical to the treatment of illnesses, diseases, injuries, and health conditions.
  • The Senate Report that accompanied the original Medicare legislation explained that the “specific exclusion of routine dental care” was intended “to make clear that the services of dental surgeons covered under the bill are restricted to complex surgical procedures.”

Sign our petition today. Remind CMS that oral health care is health care.

Join our thunderclap to really make some noise. Log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account, and on April 15 you and everyone else who has joined will send our message out at once.  Let's see how far we can reach together!

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