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We are continuously amazed at the courage and empathy of our clients.  The plaintiffs in Jimmo v. Sebelius, a class action lawsuit, filed by the Center for Medicare Advocacy in 2011 and settled in 2013, are remarkable examples of this.

The Jimmo Settlement opens doors to Medicare coverage for people with long-term and chronic conditions throughout the country.  Despite an extraordinary range of physical problems, Ms. Jimmo has remained very much involved in and interested in the issues raised in her case – and in seeing that others in similar circumstances have fair access to Medicare and necessary care. Ms. Jimmo finally prevailed. After numerous appeals and two lawsuits, she is getting the care she needs at home thanks to her attorneys at Vermont Legal Aid.

This is also true for another of the original Jimmo plaintiffs, Edith Masterman. Ms. Masterman, paralyzed by a farm accident, could not afford the home care she needed. Because she was unable to get the care, she could not appeal. This is a constant Catch-22 of the Medicare appeal system that needs to be changed.  Nonetheless, Ms. Masterman fought on for herself and others.

Medicare beneficiaries are remarkable. Getting fair access to coverage is key for access to necessary care. If you don’t have Medicare, you may not be able to get any care at all. With coverage, doors to care can open. Medicare matters!

For more information on Jimmo v. Sebelius see our Improvement Standard page.

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