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A.P., Washington State

I have a pre-existing condition (Epilepsy) and if it wasn't for Medicare, I don't think I could afford the medications needed to control it.


L.F., Colorado

Medicare has helped me in so many ways! It helped to pay for my pacemaker, plus doctor visits, medicine etc

Us older folks that are on disability need Medicare!!!


E.R., California

Medicare has enabled me to receive emergency services I could not have otherwise afforded.


J.S., California

I had NO medical insurance until I turned 65 and became eligible for Medicare.  Since then I have had several expensive medical problems, plus chronic glaucoma.  Without Medicare I don't know how I would have been able to get the care I needed.


M.G., Florida

I am diabetic and Medicare helps pay for my supplies, medications, and doctor visits.  I could not manage without Medicare. 


P.L.D., NY

Medicare covered all the medical bills when my husband fought pancreatic cancer.  We could never have afforded the medicines and medical care he required.  Thank God for Medicare.


S.S., Texas

I depend on Medicare to help me when I visit the doctor and for my medications.

It is great for retired people. I am a senior citizen and I have worked all of my life, even after retirement age.


P.J., Tennessee

I get my primary medical care through Medicare, it has been great!


D.G, Pennsylvania

Before we were eligible for Medicare our finances were almost ruined by high health insurance premiums.  Although we still have a fairly large cost to pay for supplemental insurance, Medicare has made a huge difference in our ability to remain adequately covered, particularly since the Bush Recession left our retirement funds badly diminished.


K.M. Minnesota

Even though I have to buy supplements, just having Medicare give me a peace of mind that I have health insurance coverage.  Medicare for all should be the healthcare policy of the United States.  Medicare is far superior and much more cost effective than the market based health care insurance system we now have.

For starters maybe we can have all persons fifty-five years and older covered by Medicare and every five years reduce the age by ten years, so the next cohort with start at forty-five.


P.M., Texas

I'm a retired nurse who needed an organ transplant and was on a waiting list for almost 4 years, with Medicare as my insurance, I got that transplant and lived, but I had 2 siblings die 3 years apart in the 2000s simply because they didn't have health insurance, though both worked, self-employed.


J.P. Minnesota

My husband was born with a birth defect in his heart that killed his mother.  It was not detected until it was nearly too late!  He was rushed to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he had a 10-hour open-heart surgery.  He was so fragile, he was in the ICU ten full days.  We were dreading the bills, because we both took early retirement due to health issues and I get early retirement benefits from having taught for 25 years.  Medicare saved our home!  Without it, having lost our nest egg in the crash of 2008, we would have been unable to survive, financially.


M.S. Rhode Island

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1986. Medicare has provided me with all the medications I needed and physical therapy. I don't know what I would have done without it.


D.S. California

I would be dead without Medicare.


C.S. California

My 35 year old daughter gets Medicare because she is developmentally disabled and we, her parents, are retired seniors and get Medicare.

Medicare means that we can pay rent AND buy groceries. And even go to a concert now and then.


S.M. Maryland


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