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By D.C., California

Last October I awoke early one morning with a severe pain radiating from my abdomen to my back. I had never had a pain quite like this before. I had recently moved, and my new primary care physician was not available. I had had a gastroenterology evaluation for acid reflux (negative) a few weeks before, so I went to that specialist for the pain and violent nausea. This physician/specialist immediately ordered me into Peninsula Hospital in Burlingame via the Emergency Room.  

There I was diagnosed with a ruptured gall bladder, including infection in my pancreas and liver. I had no choice but to spend the next nine or ten days in Peninsula Hospital previous to abdominal surgery combatting the infections in the two vital organs, and post-operative. While there, I decided that I just could not worry about this major expense and prayed that Medicare and my private insurance would cover it. Medicare did come to the rescue and the private insurance did cover a lesser amount.

If Medicare had not been there, I would have been bankrupt in those 10 days of fine medical care. Many times since I have thanked God for Medicare, medical insurance and the many wonderful people who cared for me in this totally unexpected situation. My Medicare… saved my life, and saved me from financial ruin…

I would like to see Medicare for all US citizens, and an insurance program with single payer support. Yes, I would be more than willing to pay more taxes to do this for my fellow Americans.  

Let’s support Medicare, not bash and cut it!

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