Gill Deford is the Director of Litigation at the Center for Medicare Advocacy.  Mr. Deford was a staff attorney for eighteen years with the National Senior Citizens Law Center in Los Angeles, specializing in health law, public pensions, ERISA, and SSI.  He was later the director of a Massachusetts agency providing legal assistance to people … Read more

Wey-Wey Kwok has been a staff attorney at the Center for Medicare Advocacy since 2002. In addition to her work with the Litigation Unit, she represents Medicare beneficiaries in appealing coverage denials of home health and skilled nursing facility care. Previously, Ms. Kwok worked as an attorney with the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii in … Read more

Ali Bers conducts federal litigation aimed at making systemic improvements to Medicare for elders and people with disabilities. She has litigated numerous class actions addressing policies and practices that improperly deny Medicare coverage or block fair access to Medicare’s administrative appeal system.  Ms. Bers also represents individuals who have been denied coverage for medically necessary care, … Read more