The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is beginning to rein in Medicare Advantage (MA) overpayments by bringing MA payment more in line with what traditional Medicare spends on a given beneficiary.  The insurance industry is not only fighting this payment reform, but has launched a campaign against a 2.3% reduction in payment projected for 2014.[1]   This … Read more

In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut policymakers, the media, and advocates across the country have turned their attention to the state of mental health care in the United States. In addition to societal stigma, people with mental health needs often face barriers to adequate medical coverage and treatment for their conditions. While … Read more

Statement of Judith Stein, Executive Director, Center for Medicare Advocacy Nothing new. Paul Ryan’s “new” budget proposal recycles ideas that will harm older people, people with disabilities, families and Medicare. It is a plan about a governing philosophy, not about saving money, preserving Medicare, or reducing the national deficit. We know we need action to … Read more

March is Women's History Month, honoring generations of women who have made, and are making, invaluable contributions to society. The Medicare program has been a critical lifeline for American women and their families for decades, contributing to lower poverty rates and providing health and economic security. Because women constitute the majority of beneficiaries on Medicare, … Read more

Last week, the package of federal spending cuts known as the "sequester" took effect as lawmakers failed to enact legislation that would delay or prevent the cuts mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011. The American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA), passed in January 2013, temporarily delayed cuts for defense and non-defense discretionary programs, but … Read more

The 2013 Medicare Part A and B general enrollment period runs from January 1 through March 31, 2013. As detailed below, this enrollment period is especially important for many individuals who are not eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A. Most people do not pay a premium for Medicare Part A because they have sufficient work history. … Read more

In testimony submitted today to the U.S. House Committee on Ways & Means, California Health Advocates, the Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc. and the Medicare Rights Center urged lawmakers to reject Medicare redesign proposals that burden older adults and people with disabilities with added health care costs. The joint statement pressed policy makers to adopt … Read more

On January 10, 2013, President Obama signed legislation for the establishment of a website to provide information to beneficiaries about their Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) obligations.[1]  While there are exceptions, Medicare generally expects to be reimbursed if it makes a conditional payment for which a third party, such as other insurance or a personal injury … Read more

As policymakers in Washington continue to debate ongoing budget issues involving federal spending and the deficit, proposals that affect Medicare beneficiaries remain on the table as targets for federal savings. However, the details and repercussions of proposals for people who rely on Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid for health and economic security remain unknown for … Read more

1.  PRESENTATIONS UPDATE ON JIMMO: THE IMPROVEMENT STANDARD CASE In January 2011, the Center for Medicare Advocacy and Vermont Legal Aid filed a lawsuit in the District Court of Vermont challenging Medicare’s “Improvement Standard.” Jimmo v. Sebelius No. 11-cv-17 (D.Vt., filed 1/18/11). This case argues that the "Improvement Standard", which operates as a rule of … Read more