No. 5:14-cv-128 (D.Vt.), filed June 23, 2014 Issue: Whether the denial of coverage for named plaintiff Glenda Jimmo by the Medicare Appeals Council on re-review of her claim under the revised manual provisions pursuant to the Jimmo settlement agreement was correct. Relief Sought: Reversal of the Secretary’s decision denying coverage and granting the claim for … Read more

No. 11-cv-17 (D.Vt.), filed January 18, 2011 Issue: Whether the "Improvement Standard", which operates as a rule of thumb to terminate or deny Medicare coverage to beneficiaries who are not improving, violates substantive and procedural requirements of the Medicare statute, the Administrative Procedure Act, and the Freedom of Information Act, and the Due Process Clause of … Read more

Twenty-one months after winning a national class action lawsuit that sought to overturn Medicare's practice of denying skilled maintenance care to patients who did not meet an "improvement standard," plaintiff Glenda Jimmo is finally receiving Medicare coverage for skilled home health maintenance care benefits she was denied in 2007. A federal court case in Vermont … Read more

Welcome and Housekeeping  (David Lipschutz, Moderator) Legislative Update: The IMPACT Act of 2014 (David Lipschutz) Overview  – signed into law by President Obama on October 6, 2014, the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care for Medicare Beneficiaries Act of 2014 (IMPACT Act, H.R. 4994) requires reporting of standardized data by post-acute care (PAC) providers across different PAC … Read more

1.  LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: THE IMPACT ACT OF 2014 On October 6, 2014, President Obama signed into law the “Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014” or IMPACT Act.  The bill resulted from a bipartisan, bicameral effort by the House Ways & Means and Senate Finance Committees to address various issues relating to care Medicare … Read more

Welcome and Housekeeping  (David Lipschutz, Moderator) Changes to Medicare’s Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) (Alfred Chiplin and Terry Berthelot) Overview of QIO restructuring to separate the beneficiary complaint review functions from the quality improvement functions Recent Revision to Hospice and Part D Guidance- (David Lipschutz and Terry Berthelot)  CMS recently revised guidance that had served as … Read more

1.  CHANGES TO MEDICARE’S QUALITY IMPROVEMENT ORGANIZATIONS (QIOs)     CMS has restructured its Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Program to separate the beneficiary complaint review functions from the quality improvement functions. The change information described below is response to many years of urging CMS to separate the review of beneficiary complaints function of QIOs from … Read more

1.  MEDICARE’S COVERAGE OF CAPPED RENTAL ITEMS DURING PART A INSTITUTIONAL STAYS: LOSING ACCESS TO SPEECH GENERATING DEVICES (SGDs) CMS Changes Its Coverage of Speech Generating Devices Through a new interpretation of longstanding rules, CMS is currently leading an outright attack on coverage for Speech Generating Devices (SGDs).  SGDs are typically tablet-like units that allow … Read more

Welcome and Housekeeping  (David Lipschutz, Moderator) Medicare’s Coverage of Capped Rental Items During Part A Institutional Stays: Losing Access to Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) (Alfred Chiplin) Overview of Medicare coverage guidelines re: capped rental durable medical equipment (DME) when a person requires Medicare Part A institutional care (hospital, long term care or skilled nursing facility, … Read more

A Word from the Executive Director As you will see in this issue, Center staffers have been busy this month testifying before Congress and meeting with lawmakers and policy leaders to educate them about issues affecting access to health care for older people and people with disabilities. This CMA Community News highlights just a few … Read more